Out Like a Light

Ship Crashes into Baltimore Bridge - Implications for Humanity


Andrea Campbell

3/30/20245 min read

blue and white ship on water during night time
blue and white ship on water during night time

This week, we woke up to the news recent news of a ship losing power and crashing into a bridge in Baltimore. As I read this story about the destruction of the bridge and the deaths resulting from the crash, I couldn't help but think about the effects of losing power and the ability to see. When the light goes, whether on a boat or in our lives, we can find ourselves adrift and ultimately veer off course.

It is not unusual to find ourselves sailing through uncertain waters. Life is packed with uncertainty, and in our endeavor to manage the different factors, it is easy to lose sight of what truly matters. Therefore, we grapple in the dark and sometimes hit a bridge. We may even burn our bridges and end up in deep waters with nowhere to go.

The light represents our clarity of purpose, values, moral compass, and sense of direction in the world. Without it, we face the danger of losing our purpose, which guides our actions and decisions. Without clarity of purpose, we risk drifting aimlessly through life, tossed about by the currents of circumstance and external pressures. Losing the light can lead us into moral and ethical peril, for when we lose sight of our values and principles, we may find ourselves making decisions that compromise our integrity and harm others in the process.

Let the Light Shine

I recall a moment when I had no sense of direction and meaning. It had been an incredibly challenging year with failures all around. My business was struggling, and I lost my brother, who was only 27. Things spiraled out of control, and my world was dark! With the help of people in my circle, I emerged from this testing period, and though the problems did not disappear, I learned to cope and saw the light again. I think most people can relate if they are honest, for no one always has it smooth. Many people struggle to find fulfillment and satisfaction and are trapped in a cycle of aimless wandering, searching for meaning in all the wrong places.

The dangers of losing the light are not limited to individual lives; they can also have far-reaching consequences for society. When collective values and principles are disregarded or abandoned, societies can create chaos and conflict. Just as a shipwreck can have ripple effects that impact entire communities, so too can individuals' moral and ethical breakdown have profound implications for society at large.

A Case for Darkness

The darkness provides a space for introspection and creativity. In moments of darkness, we confront our fears, discover hidden strengths, and find inspiration in the unknown. Like seeds germinating in the soil, growth often begins in the darkness before it reaches the light of realization. In the darkness, we are forced to rely on our inner resources, tapping into our creativity and intuition to find solutions to challenges. It's a time for uncovering new perspectives and cultivating resilience in adversity. Embracing darkness can lead to profound personal and professional development.

So we are left with the question, how do we manage in the darkness to avoid the dangers that are lurking? The answer lies in cultivating self-awareness, resilience, and a strong sense of purpose and values. We can avoid moral and ethical pitfalls by reflecting on what truly matters and aligning our actions with our core beliefs.

It's also good advice to surround ourselves with positive influences and support systems to help us through life's challenges. Just as a ship relies on the guidance of a skilled captain and crew, so too do we benefit from the wisdom and guidance of mentors, friends, and loved ones.

The Business Perspective

The concept of losing power and grappling in the darkness is also true for business entities. Businesses require clear strategic directions to steer them towards their goals. Losing this strategic clarity can result in aimless decision-making, inefficient resource allocation, and missed opportunities for growth and success. Without a clear vision and roadmap, businesses may be adrift in a sea of uncertainty, unable to chart a course toward their desired destination.

The light in business can also represent the core values and ethics that guide the organization's actions and decisions. When companies lose sight of these values, they may engage in unethical practices, compromise their integrity, and damage their reputation. Just as a ship risks running aground without a moral compass, businesses can find themselves in hot water when they deviate from their ethical principles. In today's rapidly changing business landscape, innovation and adaptability are essential for survival. Losing the light in this context refers to a lack of creativity, agility, and openness to change. Businesses that fail to innovate and adapt to evolving market trends and consumer preferences risk being left behind by their competitors.

Effective leadership serves as the guiding light for businesses, providing direction, inspiration, and support to employees. When businesses lose this leadership due to ineffective management or a lack of vision at the top, they may experience a loss of morale, productivity, and cohesion within the organization. While ships rely on their captains to get them through stormy seas, businesses depend on strong leadership to guide them through times of uncertainty and adversity. Losing light/power can cause disruptions in business operations, such as power outages, cyberattacks, or supply chain issues. These troubles can have severe consequences for businesses, leading to downtime, loss of revenue, and damage to customer relationships. However, businesses that are prepared and resilient in the face of such challenges can minimize the impact and quickly recover from setbacks. By investing in backup systems, contingency plans, and risk management strategies, businesses can ensure continuity even in the darkest times.


The dangers of losing the light are all too real in our lives. Whether we find ourselves adrift in a sea of uncertainty or steering through treacherous waters, the consequences of losing sight of our guiding principles and values can be profound. By staying true to ourselves, cultivating self-awareness, and surrounding ourselves with positive influences, we can navigate the darkness and find our way back to the light. And just as a ship needs its guiding light to find its way safely through the darkness, businesses rely on clarity of vision, ethical leadership, and adaptability to manage the complexities of the modern business world. By staying true to their values, embracing change, and preparing for unforeseen challenges, businesses can weather any storm and emerge more robust and resilient than ever.

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man standing near tree
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