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Bestselling Book Publishing Programme

Who we are

Welcome to our publishing training and coaching programme!

We are here to assist you to publish your very own non-fiction bestselling book. With our expertise in the publishing industry, we offer training and coaching services to support you throughout the entire process.

We guide you from the initial stages of planning your bestselling book to publishing it. You will learn the entire process from choosing a niche to publishing the book on Amazon and beyond. You will learn how and where to outsource different aspects of the process if necessary and how to manage the project.

We collaborate with other Amazon number 1 bestselling authors to bring you cutting edge training so that you can publish a book of which you can be proud.

book on white wall
book on white wall

What we do

This course is designed to empower you to produce your own book, so you will never need the services of a publisher again.  It is therefore, not a done-for-you service.

You will learn how to prepare an appealing outline, write the book, protect your intellectual property, design a cover and publish. In addition you will learn how and where to outsource key aspects such as editing, formatting and cover design in order to produce a high quality, eye-catching book cover that captivates readers.

Our coaching programme takes you beyond publishing on Amazon and into areas including marketing and promotion and a whole lot more. If you are ready to embark on your publilshing journey, come aboard and see your dreams come to life as we empower you to impact the world through your words.

book page formed as heart
book page formed as heart

Our Bestsellers

These are some of our bestselling books